Techniques On How To Get More Follows On Instagram

Most of you using Instagram to share your photos with other people around the world, and i am kinda sure that you love to get more followers or likes on your photos.Today i have great article for you about techniques to get more likes and followers on Instagram, one of them is to use hack tool or bot just click here to download it, and when you try it let me know what do you think cause i was like it allot. If you do not wanna use hack than read other techniques.



Nowadays, the social networking industry is the core part of the business marketing online. Many small and large companies use social networking to market their products and services. Besides Twitter and Facebook, there are other popular social

networking sites such as Instagram where you can not only market your services but also pictures, images and photos of products you deal in. Instagram is one of the best sites that can assist you boost your online reputation.

The following are some of the ways on how to get more followers on instagram:

i) Timing is the main secret to popularity

When you are on Instagram, you need to check on the time that you post certain information such as photos that you want others to see. Do not post your photographs at night when people are a sleep but time properly to post them in the morning

since that is the best time many people and new instagram followers open their accounts.

ii) Upload good photos


Instagram is mainly about photographs and sensibly, the best and obvious method to acquire more followers is to upload good pictures with high quality effects. The images you upload needs to be interesting, attractive and touches a cord with a

viewer. This will attract many people to your site and try to follow you on Instagram.

iii) Conncet to other social media sites

One of the simplest techniques to getting more followers and reaching Instagram is by connecting Instagram with the other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumble. This will allow your Facebook friends to know more about

your photos each time you post a photo or even like an Instagram photo. This will make sure you get many followers and also provide the essential exposure of your account on the social media networks.

iv) Use appropriate filters

One of the several features that Instagram has is the variety of filters that it provides. In a few seconds, your dull looking photos can be changed into stylish and classy pictures. There are also other filters that incorporate black and white effect,

faded, vintage or golden glow colors with varied saturated or contrast colors and shadows to the constituents in the photographs. It is important for you to select the right filters and this will attract many people to follow you on Instagram.

v) Invite friends from other social networks

You can also go to other social networks such as Flickr and invite friends to Instagram by placing a link on your wall. By doing so, there will be many people who will click the link on your wall and follow you on Instagram to check the services that you


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Hearthstone gets last Beta update

What a great game! Hearthstone, the game everyone seems to want to play.  If you are one of the luckiest gamers who were given the opportunity  to play Hearthstone than you know what I talking about. If you are not, you probably can’t wait release date of Hearthstone! Well, we hope that until then there’s only a little time. Did Hearthstone gets last Beta version found out in the article below.

In the update notes, Blizzard gives signs that the game is nearing release:

Thank you so much for continuing to play, test, and give feedback on Hearthstone as the closed beta testing phase begins to draw to a close. We are monitoring card balance over time, and without your continued testing efforts, we wouldn’t have the necessary data we need in order to make changes to cards that may warrant them. This should be our last big set of balance changes; once we go live, we plan to make very few card changes, and only if they are absolutely necessary.

Last set of balance changes? Closed Beta testing drawing to a close? Does that mean that we’re almost ready for open Beta, or maybe even full release? Fantastic! I’m still going to hold out until the iPad version is released – then I’m sure it will be gaming heroin and I’ll be totally hooked. In the meantime, for those who are already lucky enough to be playing, you will experience some changes. The following cards are getting rebalanced: Unleash the Hounds, Sylvanas Windrunner, Blood Imp, Defender of Argus, Pyroblast, Dark Iron Dwarf, Abusive Sergeant, Warsong Commander, Charge and Novice Engineer.

Has your favorite card been buffed or nerfed? I know whenever MOBA rebalance champions, people go mad – I’m glad Blizzard isn’t planning on doing major rebalancing once the game is released. At least they’re using the Beta testing period for what it’s meant for; the game already looks really polished, now it’s a matter of fixing the finer details they couldn’t test in house. Yup, I think I’m officially getting excited about this game.

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Empire Defense II hack

I guess that we all play this mini games and sometimes we become pretty addicted. In that case we can lose our nerves from time to time so little help is very welcome. All of you who already played Empire Defense 1 probably now play and Empire Defense 2. So here is a little help for you from me. Read this article and become better player!

Many years ago, in the far eastern country, because of the continuous wars, groups of rebels aroused, people were plunged into misery and suffering. No justice existed in the society. The Mage Horn launched witchcraft to confuse people. In order to enable the light of justice to re-shine in the world, a young man named Leo stands up, together with his sworn brothers, determining to fight the evil in the world to the death!1、There are several heroes for you to choose. The heroes have their own skills and characteristics, which can be upgraded.

2、You can plan your defense way by moving the heroes. Then the enemy will launch after your way.

3、 Group different soldiers to fight in the battle. Soldiers have their own strengths. The key to victory is the good co-ordination.

4、The points, designed in high degree of freedom, display the most individual clearance!

5、 Witness the growth of Liubei and other heroes, adventure and fight with them, break through the heavy fog to reveal the ultimate mystery!

For the latest news, updates, and events follow us on Facebook:




We want to make Empire Defense the best strategy game on Android and your reviews keep us inspired and motivated! Please take a moment to review Empire Defense
on the Google Play Store if you enjoy the game and we will keep the free updates coming. Enormous thanks to everyone for their feedback, suggestions and support.

What’s New

What is new for Xmas Version:

1, In this frigid winter, we were about to add two new soldiers as Christmas gifts:

Xmas.Honglian: release the breathtaking twist flame shock wave to burn up enemy.

Xmas.Shuangxue: release frost shock wave to damage and slow down enemy strongly.

2, Crash bug fixed.

Empire Defense II Apk Download Empire Defense II 1.3.4Empire Defense II Apk 1.3.4 Download Empire Defense II 1.3.4
  • Updated : December 6, 2013
  • Size : 25M
  • Installs  : 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
  • Current Version : 1.3.4
  • Requires Android : 2.1 and up
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‘Backyard Monsters: Unleashed’ Now Available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Great news! Build a an empire, hatch powerful monsters and battle against friends and enemies in the most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook and now also on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Launch attacks with over 25 deadly creatures, expand your empire and dominate the World Map. Find out more about this innovations in article below and have fun!

The most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook puts a monster in your pocket with exciting new features such as Tribes, battle replay, achievement badges and more.

Wage War In Backyard Monsters: Unleashed Now Available On iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch. (PRNewsFoto/KIXEYE)

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – KIXEYE, the leader in online combat strategy games, today announced the launch of Backyard Monsters: Unleashed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.  Based on the original Backyard Monsters, the top-rated real-time strategy game on browser with 25M+ players worldwide, Backyard Monsters: Unleashed is KIXEYE’s first mobile release to date.

“We’re excited to bring this massive franchise to a new platform,” said Will Harbin, CEO at KIXEYE.  “Backyard Monsters is the first and most popular real-time strategy game on Facebook.  Over the last couple of years its design has been emulated widely and successfully on mobile.  It’s time to unleash the real deal.”

Backyard Monsters: Unleashed has been designed to take advantage of intuitive touch and swipe controls to provide players with an authentic mobile gaming experience.  Exclusive to the mobile version will be a host of new features including:

Wage War

  • Battle Wild Monsters
  • Win Medals and dominate global leaderboards
  • Watch the Goo fly with Battle Replays

Customize Your Yard

  • Unlock buildings and defense towers
  • Train over 11 breeds of monsters, each with unique powers
  • Easily reconfigure your base in Wall Mode

Team up with Friends

  • Form Tribes to fend off invaders
  • Unlock special power-ups
  • Declare war and launch coordinated attacks

For the latest news and updates about KIXEYE, LIKE us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter @KIXEYE.


Founded in 2007, KIXEYE is an online gaming company that plays to win.  KIXEYE currently has over 550 employees based in its San Francisco headquarters, along with international offices in Brisbane, Australia and Victoria, Canada.  Responsible for popular titles like Backyard Monsters, Battle Pirates, War Commander and VEGA Conflict, KIXEYE is redefining the intersection of fidelity and accessibility to create innovative experiences for competitive gamers.

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Frontlines: World War III

I love to play war games. It’s so scary but exciting. Game World War now have one more extension, World War 3- Frontlines. I hope it would be great.Check it out in article that I found for you.

Frontlines: World War III

Mixing a RTS with a CCG, Frontlines: World War III brings a deep tactical level of play while still being easy to learn.

Game watch  -  Frontlines: World War III

Inspired by the Real-Time Strategy genre on PC and the Collectible Card Games usually found at your local hobby store, Frontlines: World War III brings a deep tactical level of play while still being easy to learn. Unlike mostcard games out there that are just variations on the tried and true formula (trying to lower your opponents health to zero by playing magical monsters and spells) Frontlines: World War III uses a very different style of play based on Strategic Movement and Tactical Thinking.

What is our goal for Frontlines: World War III -

  • Accessibility – We want to be able to have Veterans and Novices be able to get in and learn, play, and win. Free to download and with a generous free to play model, we feel we will be able to achieve this.
  • Organized Play, Ladder, Tournaments, and Prizes – Booster drafts, World Wide Tournaments, and the World War Events are just the start with hopes of having Cash and Card Prizes in the future.
  •  You effect the game – Story Arc Events and VIP players will help shape the game and it’s future, including future cards sets.

Below we have included a couple of videos showing a Pre-Alpha version of the game, each showing where the game is and give a taste of what is to come.

 We are offering the game for free, giving everyone the chance to get in and play right away!

Core Decks, give you a ready made, competitive level deck that will get you playing the moment you log in. Intro packs, give you 2 Core Decks of your choice, but also gives you boosters that allow you to customize your deck and start your collection right away, and 5 event passes allowing you to join tournaments, drafts, and special events as they go

With a large card base, expanding with each future release the options increase! Customizing a deck is made easy by our Collection and Deck Building Utility, test your strategies against the Computer, and then finding an opponent is made easy with our Matchmaking service.

Unlike other games in this genre, no card is being made to pad the set numbers! Each card is tested extensively to make sure it lives up to our high standard, and a viable option in any deck! Also, if during play cards are more powerful or under powered we can adjust it to keep it in line.

Defend your country as you take over others and try to control the world in Conquest, a game type that pits your side versus the rest of the world. Each battle helps you ensure victory for your side, but be careful as each loss will chip away at your chances for dominance.

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PES 2014: An interview with Naoya Hatsumi

We agree, the PC version of PES for years has the same complexity, but considering that PES 2014 moved to the new Fox Engine, in past we was expected some changes.
However, if you own inferior equipment, there is no reason to worry. In essence, nothing has changed, and PES 2014 will work on a very modest configurations, will not support DX 11 and DX 10 , and will work in Windows XP.Check out the article that I found for you.


While at Gamescom 2013 this year I was given the opportunity to sit in on a mini group-interview with Naoya Hatsumi, the Senior Producer of the upcoming PES 2014.

PES 2014 Trailer (4)

As we know there are two major football (soccer for you heathens) games coming in the next few days and the endless battle between FIFA and PES will rise once again.

It has become increasingly obvious that EA has been able to pump a lot more money into the FIFA series than Konami can with the PES series and as such the usual comparisons utilising licences, graphics, player likeness etc all fall solidly into the FIFA camp. Even more worryingly for Konami over the past few years has been the amount of investment EA has pumped into improving their gameplay, always a PES strongpoint, to the point where it is now debateable that FIFA has the more realistic gameplay experience.

So what does Konami have to bring to the party to try and compete against the financial juggernaut?


Well to start Konami isn’t giving up on the gameplay competition with the new version of PES utilising the analogue sticks to control where the player shifts his weight before moving or shooting. Obviously shifting the weight to skip to the left and then trying to take a straight shot is going to end badly for you. But while the gameplay can be exceedingly difficult to control the game isn’t being pushed out of the hands of casual gamers who can simply turn off these advanced controls.

When questioned about whether they will be having any famous players motion captured in PES the lack of funding was once again apparent. As Naoya confirmed that they unfortunately cannot cover the costs of a long running mocap session with AAA footballers. However they do use the mocap technology on younger up-and-coming stars.

Konami however do have a trick up their sleeve with the upcoming PES as they have the very valid point that the vast majority of football fans aren’t actually players and are more lovers of the game than hardened athletes.


And so Konami has put a lot of effort into adding emotion and heart into the game where the game is no longer about the big superstars and famous clubs, but more about getting your hometown club up into the big leagues and working within your means to break through to international super stardom.

It’s a nice touch and something I personally did in the last FIFA and thoroughly enjoyed. I took a team from the bottom leagues and I’m currently in the champion league trying to take that trophy with my useless side. FIFA however doesn’t get it right as I can’t get anyone to sign for me even though I won the premier league with no losses and no one will sponsor me. So if Konami can fix that then it would be a nice feature for the game to have.

Unfortunately though in the end I can’t see many casual fans picking PES over FIFA and that’s not good for the genre going forward.

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Game Sensation Candy Crush Saga Expected to Generate $230 Million This Year

So far we have used a variety of fun and less entertaining games on FB or for android phones which were mainly Zynga’s creations. However, only recently has a new game that threatens to undermine Zynga’s popularity. It is a game developed by the not-yet-so-giant, but it sure is creating its own territory now in the online world. Candy Crush Saga already has close to 10 million daily average users compared to the number two game from Zynga, which is Farmville, with its close to 9 million daily average users.You can judged about this new game reading the article below that I found for you,and you can also play the game.

Awesome Free Puzzle Game Dominates the iOS Download Charts

A few years back, it was Plants vs. Zombies. Then it was Temple Run. It became Angry Birds. Well, move over gaming apps. Now, it’s Candy Crush Saga’s time to shine.

free puzzle game candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga is the best free puzzle game in the iOS app store right now. Looking at the platform of Candy Crush Saga, it may seem simple and easy to play.  There are just candies and jellies as the main characters in the game, unlike previous game sensations such as Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds. However, the game eventually reveals its complexity as you play more in the succeeding levels.

Candy Crush Saga = Crazy Popularity

Candy Crush Saga is one of the the most popular and most downloaded games of this generation. In fact, it ranks 3rd on the list of the top downloaded apps in the Apple market. Online database AppData also found that Candy Crush Saga is the most played application on Facebook, with over 45 million users on an average. It has surpassed famous Facebook apps such as Farmville and Tetris, which have been the most popular games during the last few years.

facebook candy crush saga

Gaming apps are one of the most downloaded applications both in the popular Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Candy Crush Saga is available in both markets. Android and iOS users can enjoy the game for free, with just a quick download. Those who do not have smart phones, on the other hand, can still enjoy the game through Facebook applications. What’s good about this game is that it can be played using touch screen phones, tablets, and even laptops and desktops through Facebook. Although the game requires specific versions of Android, a majority of the recent versions of the operating system are compatible with Candy Crush Saga.

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game that is easy to play. The goal is to crush at least three candies of the same color, which can be done by switching the candies through a gentle swipe on the screen, if you’re using a touch phone. As the levels go higher, the target gets more complicated, especially with the appearance of candies locked inside jellies. Now players must remove the jellies by crushing them with candies of the same color. All the jellies must be wiped out before the level is complete. The challenge is that the user has a limited number of moves to wipe out all the jellies.

Addictive Game Play

Candy Crush Saga is so popular because it’s an addictive free puzzle game. What makes it interesting is that although it seems so easy to play, the game becomes more challenging as the levels get higher.  The player is required to think of more creative strategies to efficiently wipe out all the jellies with the given number of moves. The game is fun and it tickles the mental ability of the player.

candy crush saga addictive

What makes it even more interesting is that if you continually lose lives, you’ll get blocked and have to wait for at least thirty minutes to attempt the same level again.  You get five lives to consume at the beginning of the game. If you lose all five lives and don’t want to wait for thirty minutes, you can buy lives from the in-app store, or ask friends for lives on Facebook. The store also offers boosters and charms that enhance game play.

Massive Widespread Appeal Of Candy Crush Saga

Just to show that practically the whole world is going crazy over Candy Crush Saga, a research firm on mobile gaming, called Think Gaming, found that Candy Crush Saga is being played about 600 million times per day on an average. This translates to profits for the game developer King.  The company is bringing in $633,000 in revenue every day!  This just shows you that people from all over the world are crazy about this game. Analysts are optimistic about the future of Candy Crush Saga, as there are predictions it can even generate as high as $230 million for this year alone.

mobile gaming candy crush saga

It’s interesting that King wasn’t a big developer before this.  Candy Crush Saga has consistently been  in the top downloads chart in the iOS app store and the Android market.  It has also remained the most played game on Facebook, despite the fact that it wasn’t made by a top developer such as Gameloft, Rovio or Disney. King may have been a big name in Facebook games, but before Candy Crush Saga, it wasn’t overly popular in the mobile app world.

There are rumors that King is planning to get out in public to make it big, but gaming analysts believe it’s not the right time yet. However, analysts are predicting that King is going to make it big eventually. The company is preparing to sustain Candy Crush Saga and come up with new and better gaming apps that can compete with some of the biggest game developers in the world.

The Future of King and Candy Crush Saga

With the big revenue Candy Crush Saga is generating, despite the fact that it is a free game, it will be a big challenge for developers in the gaming world to compete with the number one game in the app store. It’s time for more innovations to improve and promote existing game apps and to develop more games that can equal the popularity and success of Candy Crush Saga.

The question now is… How long will Candy Crush Saga remain on top? Will it die down, just like Temple Run and Angry Birds? Or are its game developers wise enough to create more variants and versions to sustain the momentum?

You can be sure that game developers are beginning to come up with more breakthrough and out of the box gaming ideas. It’s an exciting time in the mobile gaming world, and there is reason to believe that there will be more exciting innovations to come.




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iPhone 6 release date, price and specs rumour roundup

In modern world everyone using phones, but not just for calling or texting, phone now can replace whole notebook even computer.There is some people who just buy phones to play games, i know that its sound crazy but it’s true.Today i wanna share one great article about new phone that should come in end of the year (i hope), iPhone 6.You can just image how good it would be,caused current version iPhone 5 is amazing.Software on iPhone 6 is IOS 7, and its look great,it’s fast and easy to use.More about this you can read below and watch promo video.

iOS 7 will be available on the iPhone 5

HARDWARE DESIGNER Apple’s iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, depending on which name the firm goes for, is arguably the most hotly anticipated smartphone of the year, and will signal the firm looking to steal back marketshare from the likes of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One.

Since the launch of the iPhone 5, rumours about its successor have filled the internet, detailing what we can expect from the next generation Apple smartphone. Keep this page bookmarked to keep on top of all of the latest iPhone 5S/iPhone 6 rumours.

Release date
Sources speaking to Allthingsd have revealed that Apple will announce the next-generation iPhone on 10 September, and given the website’s track record, we have no reason to doubt this. There’s still no word on when the handset will hit shelves, although it’s typically a couple of week’s after Apple’s high-profile unveiling.

Following the unveiling of the new iPhone, Apple will reportedly push out iOS 7 to all on 20 September.

Apple’s iPhones have remained largely unchanged when it comes to price, but there are rumours that the firm will launch a budget iPhone model alongside the iPhone 5S/6 this year. This will reportedly be around £200 cheaper than Apple’s next flagship iPhone, with rumours claiming that it’s likely to fetch between £230 and £330.

As for Apple’s next flagship iPhone, this is widely expected to stick around the £530 SIM free mark.

In terms of design, Apple’s next-generation iPhone is expected to remain largely unchanged, sporting the same aluminum design as the iPhone 5. However, the firm will reportedly release the next iPhone in a new ‘champagne gold’ flavour, as it looks to appeal to emerging markets where colourful handsets are more popular.

However, the casing is likely to be a bit bigger, as Apple is reportedly testing screens “larger than four inches” for its upcoming iPhone device, with online speculation hinting that the firm will opt for a 4.3in display.

Typically, the next iPhone will arrive running the newest iteration of Apple’s iOS software, known this time round as iOS 7.

Unveiled at WWDC on 10 June, iOS 7 sees Apple making radical changes to its mobile software, most notably when it comes to design. App icons have been redesigned, colours have been tweaked and the operating system boasts a completely new look and feel.

iOS 7 features redesigned applications include Music and Safari

There’s a host of new features baked-in too. Apple’s Spotify rival, iTunes Radio, comes built into the Music application, there’s now a Control Center menu for toggling settings such as WiFi and Bluetooth and apps such as Safari and Weather have been given a makeover inside and out.

As well as the iPhone 5S/6, iOS 7 will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and the iPad Mini.

Check out our roundup of everything you need to know about iOS 7.

Given that all UK networks are set to launch their 4G networks later in the year, we’re thinking it’s a pretty safe bet that the iPhone 5S/6 will launch with LTE support, much like its iPhone 5 predecessor. µ

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Lost Planet 3 Preview for PC

Hello guys and girls, it was a while since i have write good story for you, but now im back and you will see in future a lot good reviews.First thing that i wanna show today is review about new upcoming game .This game is called Lost Planet 3, i think that game will be really good cause previous two part of game was rocks!So be ready to kill a lot monsters!More about this you can read in article below,and also you can watch YouTube video that i have find for you, let me know what you think about this game.

Lost Planet 3 Box Art
System: PC, Xbox 360, PS3
Dev: Spark Unlimited
Pub: Capcom
Release: August 27, 2013
Players: 1 (2+ Online)
Screen Resolution: 480p-1080p Blood, Mild Language, Violence

Possibly the Worst Blue-Collar Job Ever
by Becky Cunningham

Remember the Lost Planet series? After a promising start with cult favorite Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the series took a nosedive with both gamers and critics in the co-op focused, bug-riddled Lost Planet 2. Three years later, Capcom is giving the series another go. This time, it’s being developed by Spark Unlimited, a Western studio best known for creating Call of Duty: Finest Hour. Spark is returning to a game that is more like the first one: a single-player, story-driven adventure accompanied by several multiplayer modes.

Like many entries in series that are looking for a bit of a reboot, Lost Planet 3 is a prequel. It takes place in the earliest days of the planet E.D.N. III’s colonization, well before the events of the first Lost Planet game, which means that E.D.N. is still a frozen wasteland rather than the thawed out tropical planet it became in Lost Planet 2. The game’s star is Jim Peyton, an ordinary workingman with a utility rig.

Jim’s got a family to support back on Earth. He’s no hardened space marine, just a guy earning his hazard pay by helping the NEVIC corporation survey the planet in search of mineral and energy resources. Calling it “hazard” pay, though, is likely understating the issue. Jim’s rig isn’t the kind of weaponized mech that starred in the first two games. It’s a mining rig with a drill arm and a claw arm, which isn’t the first tool you’d want for facing off against the native insectoid, Akrid. Jim will have to survive a world where both the environment and the inhabitants are out to get him—not to mention what happens when he learns that his employer is more sinister than he first imagined.

While the original Lost Planet is more of an arcade-style action game, Lost Planet 3 aims to have a greater focus on the exploration of this wild planet. It has a mission-based structure that allows players to freely explore various areas of the world. The player can hop in and out of the rig while exploring, talk to the locals, upgrade or build new rigs, and take on side missions. Thermal energy, which is used as a survival timer to up the ante in the first game, is now a kind of currency that Jim can collect and exchange for new weapons and other resources back at his base.

Lost Planet 3 Screenshot

There will still be plenty of action, as Lost Planet 3 remains a shooter at heart. Despite the mission structure and themes of survival and isolation, it’s not moving into the survival horror or RPG genres. Spark wants to keep the feeling of the action that players enjoyed from the first games, but improve the controls to make them more intuitive and remove frustrations.

When Jim is on foot, the game will play like a third-person shooter. There’s a cover system, and Jim will have a variety of weapons that he can use for different situations. The Akrid encounters we’ve seen in previews show a wide variety of alien bugs to fight, each with different kinds of attacks and strategies.

Jim can also hop into his rig, which switches the player to a first-person view. This huge machine will help Jim take on some of the larger inhabitants of E.D.N. III, as well as solve various environmental challenges. Its two arms can be upgraded in various ways, though it appears that it will mostly be used for melee-based combat rather than shooting matches.

The combat scenarios have generally been strong in this series, though. It’s the improvements in storytelling that Spark appears most interested in highlighting, especially since the first two games were criticized for weak stories and wooden voice performances. The team is working to create a believable group of down-to-earth people who are colonizing this hostile planet, and will be using full performance capture instead of simple voiceovers. The cinematic scenes we’ve seen so far look decent in that regard, with characters who sound like actual people.

Lost Planet 3 Screenshot

More interested in shooting bugs and other hostiles with friends than in the exploits of Mr. Peyton? Lost Planet 3 features four types of multiplayer matches. Scenario mode pits a team of attackers against a team of defenders, each of which will be given different objectives that they’ll have to meet. These objectives will change as the match progresses, causing teams to have to react on the fly. Akrid Survival is a hybrid cooperative/competitive mode that sees two teams of three players facing off against waves of Akrid; afterwards, they engage in an elimination match against each other.

The other two multiplayer modes haven’t been revealed yet, but the game’s producer has stated that there will be six maps total, and all four modes can be played on any of the maps. The developers have noted that the popular grappling hook will be available and will play a larger role in multiplayer than it will in the single-player campaign.

Lost Planet 3 Screenshot

Lost Planet’s world, encounter designs, and multiplayer maps have always scored well with gamers, while its story, controls, and certain player-unfriendly design decisions have hampered its appeal. Can Spark Unlimited keep the good parts of the franchise while shoring up its weaknesses? The company seems to be making a good-faith effort to do so, and we’ll have our final judgment on the matter when Lost Planet 3 comes out in August.

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Microsoft’s Xbox One will cost £429 in the UK

Long waiting Xbox is almost here, and we getting a lot informations about this every day, today i find this article about price for new Xbox One.I’m not sure for other countries, but i’m quite sure that in UK it will cost around 429 pounds, i know that some of you will say it is to much, but if you are truly fan of games or Xbox him self you will get money for this and buy new Xbox One.New Xbox One will be smaller faster and a lot better.And i think its worth of money.


HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE SHIFTER Microsoft opened the E3 games show on Monday with a indulgent look at its Xbox One console and the games that will go with it.

The paint is still drying on the consoles, and we are not even sure of its launch date, but Microsoft couldn’t wait to wax lyrical about the console and treated its Xbox fans to an hour of whoops and wayheys.

Microsoft announced the console about a month ago and has spent the time since then explaining its controversial policies and blowing smoke about its controller.

There isn’t much that we haven’t heard about, except perhaps the software that will accompany the console. So far we are aware of games from EA, including sports titles, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

At E3 the wraps came off a whole lot more. First off was a trailer for sneak up and ice someone title, Metal Gear Solid 5, the Phantom Pain.

Here we are promised more stealth and weather that reflects the real world. There was horse riding, lining people up in scopes, running around, riding a horse, crawling and wearing an eyepatch. When it finished there was a decent amount of whooping. Metal Gear Solid 5 will be an Xbox One exclusive, and just one of 13 next generation titles that you will only find on the Xbox One.

But before we got to the meat of the Xbox One we had to go over the Xbox 360 again The eight year old console has had a refresh so that it looks more like the Xbox One. This is available from today. It’s slimmer, blacker and smaller. Gamers who have Xbox Live Gold will get two free titles a month. These will include Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3.

Other upcoming games for the Xbox 360 include Grand Theft Auto 5 and the PC based blow ‘em up World of Tanks. According to the game developers the Xbox 360 is the perfect match for the team based armoured warfare smashathon and is the only console that it will appear on.

From there we went to the future and the Xbox One. Ryse: Son of Rome was first up and apparently involves Romans and the crap being smacked out of people. There are swords, explosions, and the promise of spilling “Barbarian blood”. This looks brutal and the trailer/gameplay video seemed to go on for hours.

Before we knew it we were back to watching people being smacked around with Killer Instinct, which is back for the new console.

Next was Sunset Overdrive, an open world shooter that changes every day. This is supposed to be exciting and explosive, according to Insomniac Games, and to give it some credit, the parkour infused cartoony trailer did make it look like a lot of fun.

Start your engines, because a car game is also incoming. Forza 5. This has close links with car firm McClaren, and “is the beginning of a new era”, according to the chosen mouthpiece, and goes for detail and texture as well as playability and hard driving. Opponents here are not just basic AI drivers, but Drivatars that drive more like human beings.

Minecraft, which may not seem like a natural fit on a high-end games console, will also appear on the Xbox One, and the special edition has a more polished look than its earlier versions, is bigger and has more stuff.

Quantum Break, a blurring of the lines between gaming and television, also popped up. Not a sequel to Quantum Leap, unfortunately, but this time-infused game from Remedy is another Xbox One exclusive.

We got an early look at Project Spark, which uses voice controls to let players build up worlds and games and share them. Lands can be sculpted using Microsoft’s Smart Glass app, and the promise is that anyone will be able to build a simple game that can be remixed and rebuilt by other players.

Smart Glass was pored over, and we learned that users would be able to use their Surface tablets to set up a game, share invitations with other people and record the action. An Upload Studio should make it easier for punters to upload their “epic moments”, as can links into Twitch, which will let you broadcast your games.

Speaking of friends, you will be able to have more than 100 of them. Microsoft also said that it is dropping its points system and will replace it with local currencies.

Next on stage was Capcom. They told us that the Xbox One is exciting, and they introduced Dead Rising 3, which is a zombie brain bashing game in which the hero uses an adjustable spanner to deal with his enemies and rooftops to escape from them.

We were told that anything and everything that you find can be a weapon, including – no surprise here – a gun.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt also appears on the “awesome” new console, and again you can turn to the Smart Glass app to boost and improve your experience. This is massive, and if you close your eyes while watching the trailer it might as well be that Ryse game that brought us into this.

Battlefield 4: Second Assault was next to take the stage, and our ears were warmed with talk of “dynamic gameplay” and all that jazz. A video with gameplay didn’t want to take part in the proceedings, and we spent a good few minutes waiting for that to play. When it did, at 60 frames per second, people whooped appreciatively.

Next was What Lies Below, with its small and involved indie feel, and then we were introduced to a new Halo title, which does not have a small, involved, indie feel to it.

343 Industries said that Halo‘s debut on Xbox One takes “full advantage” of the power of the console, its cloud computing and its dedicated servers. Again this will run at 60 frames per second.

Last up was space shooter Titan Fall, another Xbox One exclusive.

Most important perhaps is the money, and Microsoft said that we are looking at an Xbox One recommended retail price in the UK of £429. µ

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